What is
Blue Assist PLUS?

Clear Aligner Case Selection & Case Acceptance System

We’ve developed a unique clinical diagnostic, case selection and case presentation system based on the third and most overlooked pillar of oral health: OCCLUSION. All too often we focus primarily on dental caries and periodontal disease. Using our innovative 6-step process, watch the number of clear aligner cases in your practice explode. Our doctor and team clinical system will help your patients achieve optimal comprehensive oral and systemic health.

Supercharge Your Practice With A Clinical Diagnostic System

Every day dental practices see patients coming through hygiene with progressive, undiagnosed occlusal disease. Doctors simply don’t have the tools to systematically and consistently detect and record this highly prevalent disease. Dentists observe patients’ dental condition breaking down over time and their unresolved bite imbalance becomes progressively worse as the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease become evident. Using our proven system, you can neutralize the damaging effects of misaligned teeth, restore occlusal harmony, and achieve greater levels of comprehensive oral health for your patients.

Achieve Unparalleled
Practice Growth

Uncover the massive hidden potential that lies within your own patient base! Clear Blue Smiles will provide you and your team with a comprehensive clear aligner implementation system that will elevate your practice to new levels of growth while helping your patients achieve the most comprehensive oral health possible.

Master Clear Aligners

  • Online learning modules
  • Up to 12 hours of CERP credits
  • Live doctor/team training
  • $1,200 value FREE for our providers

Our comprehensive series of online education modules, designed specifically for dentists, will deepen your understanding of clear aligners’ role in oral health and enhance your clinical skills. Developed by some of the country’s leading orthodontic experts, this training offers unparalleled insights and practical knowledge to help your practice grow.

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