What is Blue Assist?

Expert help and advice for your practice

The Clear Blue Smiles Blue Assist program connects you with a dedicated SureSmile® expert orthodontist to assist you with all aspects of the clear aligner treatment process. Throughout the process, you remain in control all aspects of the doctor-patient relationship.

Gain Confidence. Grow Your Practice.

The Blue Assist program is for dentists who are new to using SureSmile® Clear Aligners, or those who have not done many cases yet.

Blue Assist is here to help you create the perfect smile for your patient! Gain confidence by consulting with us throughout a patient’s journey – from diagnosis to triage.

Expand Clear Aligner Program

Address Difficult Cases

Discover New Technologies

How Blue Assist Works

We’ve designed the Blue Assist program to provide support for general dentists using SureSmile® Clear Aligners so they can grow their practice and provide the best care possible to their patients.


Works with your schedule

No long-term commitment

No membership fee

Questions? Get Started Today!

It’s easy to get started, simply fill out our online form and follow these easy steps to schedule your appointment with our SureSmile® experts.

What’s Included in my Blue Assist Appointment?

During your Blue Assist appointment our expert orthodontists will answer your questions, consult on the diagnosis, and help you create the treatment plan and digital setup. Our goal is to help you feel more comfortable with your clear aligner programs so more of your patients can receive the smile they desire.


Walk-through the diagnosis.

Review the treatment plan and digital setup.

Review the clinical protocols and the ordering process.

Clear Blue Smiles is a leading innovator in expert-driven, high-quality, clear aligner treatment.

New programs debuting early 2023, with the potential to make your practice even more profitable and efficient.

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