We are currently onboarding dental and orthodontic partners across the nation! We value your expertise, and would love for you to join us in shaping the future of teleorthodontics.

Minimal Time Investment

The average time needed for a CBS patient scan is approximately 30 minutes.

Maximize your earnings

Average compensation is $525, with all diagnostics able to be taken by licensed assistants.

How it works

Patient gets diagnostics at dentist office

Dentist transfers records to our team

We handle final approval and planning for treatment

Dentist gets paid within 30 days of patient start

Reimbursement breakdown

Earn up to $525 per patient

D0330 Panoramic radiographic image$125
D0150 Comprehensive oral evaluation – new or established patient$60
D0470 Diagnostic casts (digital)$110
D0180 Comprehensive periodontal evaluation – new or established patient$95
D060(1),(2),(3) Caries risk assessment and documentation, with a finding of (Low),(Mod),(High) risk $35
D8681 Removable orthodontic retainer(s) delivery to patient$50
Marketing/ Administrative Fee for obtaining patient signature on CBS Patient Agreement$50

Getting Started Checklist

  1. Fill out a short form to see if your practice would be a good fit
  2. If accepted, our team will reach out to schedule an onboarding call
  3. Receive access to the full Clear Blue Smiles technology suite
  4. Get compensation for diagnostic scan and upload

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