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Clear Blue Smiles is embracing the future of orthodontics by creating a remote orthodontic experience that includes dental and orthodontic oversight from start to finish.

As consumers demand more virtual healthcare options the demand for clear aligner therapy and teleorthodontics is going to grow. We perfected the patient care experience with our own patent-pending process, which maximizes positive outcomes.

Developed by orthodontists

Our process has been developed by orthodontists and former AAO employees. We’ve seen how current direct-to-consumer treatment options are NOT providing the best care or creating positive outcomes. And we’ve fixed many of these smiles.

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Potential clear aligner patients will visit your office to get their initial diagnostics. We aren’t comfortable creating a treatment plan with nothing more than an at-home impression kit. That’s why we require professional diagnostics to be completed by our ‘Smile Center’ partners.

Partner with us as a Smile Center to perform diagnostics on potential clear aligner patients

As a partner, Clear Blue Smiles will send you new patient leads based off our marketing research

You can offer restorative care and other dental services to the patients we send to your office for diagnostics

“I am so excited to offer Clear Blue Smiles aligners to my patients! They love the convenience of an at-home option, and I love knowing that they are being properly cared for by an orthodontist. It’s a win-win for our practice!”
– Dr. Alyssa S.

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