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Patient-Centric Technology

The future of dentistry and orthodontics is digital.

Our cloud-based patient management system is the first on the market to address business and clinical challenges facing dental practices. We give you all the tools you need to run a comprehensive clear aligner program with confidence.

Future-proof your practice,
Bypass the Competition

Using artificial intelligence and secure video technology, our software allows dentists, orthodontists, and pedodontists to assess patients’ oral health instantly and remotely, all while freeing up the need for in-person appointments and increasing overall patient flow.

Manage all components of the patient journey in one place – you can review scans, chat with patients, and oversee cases through our convenient app.

Aligner Products

We’ve partnered with SureSmile® to offer superior aligner products that elevate the experience for both providers and patients. Here are a few reasons our dental and orthodontic partners love SureSmile® aligners:

Less Refinements

In a recent survey, users reported 50% less refinements with SureSmile® Aligners than the average aligner treatment.¹

Faster Treatment

Based on a recent survey of clear aligner clinicians regarding Class I cases, the average SureSmile Aligner treatment is three months quicker than for Invisalign®.2

1 Claim based on data analysis of SureSmile®Aligner global refinement rate compared to data reported in the survey of Keim/Vogels/Vogels, 2020 JCO Study of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures (JCO/October 2020, p. 581 et seq.).

2 Independent third-party survey among 295 U.S. Clear Aligner Clinicians, 2020. Data on file.

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