Using artificial intelligence (AI) and secure video technology, our partner, SmileMate by Dental Monitoring, allows dentists and orthodontists to assess patients’ oral health instantly and remotely, all while freeing up the need for in-person appointments and increasing overall patient flow.

SmileMate combines advanced AI with the convenience of smartphones to connect patients and doctors for virtual consultations to assess and communicate with new patients or existing patients remotely.

Top of the line orthodontic products

Clear Blue Smiles utilizes SureSmile aligners for our treatment. Here are a couple reasons we trust SureSmile products:

Long-lasting material that retains its shape over time

Precise fabrication that fits to the exact shape of a patient’s teeth

Optimal patient comfort designed with round-the-clock usage in mind

Most efficient tooth movement for the quickest treatment experience

It’s easy to get started

With Clear Blue Smiles as your partner, there aren’t any start-up costs to begin offering a new service to your patients! You don’t have to take on the liability of overseeing the case, and we think your patients will like the convenience of a “one stop shop”. In the spirit of bringing a full-service ortho program to your practice, we also provide our partners with:

  • Orthodontic experts designing and overseeing treatment
  • Patient management software for treatment charting and imaging
  • Payment planning and financing for all CBS patients
  • Marketing materials to promote your new service
  • Social media promotion and partnership celebration

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