Special Offer: $1,295* per case!

With each case, you’ll get so much more
than the plastic:

  • Complete SureSmile® clear aligners, including refinements
  • One-on-one full case support with an expert orthodontist
  • Library of standard operating procedures for clear aligner programs

*Promotional price of $1,295 per case for your first 3 cases is a limited time offer that applies to new Blue Assist customers. Subsequent cases will be billed at the regular rate of $1,495 per case.

Why Blue Assist?

“Dr. Gaudreault is an expert and excellent communicator who can guide you through your clear aligner journey. I cannot say enough about how much I have learned from Dr. Gaudreault. Thank you for your help and support in my journey!!” 

Laredo Dental Care

Have Questions? We’re Here For You!

Whether you have a clinical question, you’re interested in becoming a Clear Blue Smiles provider, or just want to explore how Blue Assist can help your practice grow, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to the team at info@clearbluesmiles.com