Meet Dr. Doug Voiers: Our New Chief Innovation Officer!

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Doug Voiers, a leader in the world of dentistry for over 30 years, is joining the team as the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at Clear Blue Smiles™!

In 1985, Dr. Voiers graduated from Ohio State College of Dentistry with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, followed by obtaining a Master of Arts in Human Behavior from Newport University in 2008.

A true pioneer in his field, his unwavering commitment to education has not only enhanced his own skills but has also uplifted fellow dental professionals and their practices. With an impressive portfolio of over 200 presentations and numerous articles on dental technology, he has emerged as an inspirational voice for dentists worldwide.

A strong believer in lifelong education and professional advancement for the benefit of his patients, Dr. Voiers achieved fellowship status in the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI). He also earned a fellowship at the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry (WCMID) and as a founding member was awarded Clinician of the Year!

Dr. Voiers has also had pivotal roles within the industry, serving as a SureSmile® clear aligner trainer, a CEREC Advanced National trainer, and an Aesthetic Dentistry instructor at Experdent Centers of Dental Excellence.

In his role as Chief Innovation Officer at Clear Blue Smiles,  Dr. Voiers will spearhead our innovation approach and support system for advancing patient care through clear aligners.  His primary focus will be to educate dentists and orthodontists to empower them with cutting-edge solutions to create picture-perfect smiles.

Dr. Voiers is revolutionizing the dental landscape, unleashing transformative change at Clear Blue Smiles, and paving the way for a future where a smile isn’t just a grin – it’s a work of art.