Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Did you know that an estimated 50 tons of plastic toothbrushes enter the world’s oceans every year? And that it takes silk floss up to 80 years to decompose? As much good toothbrushes and floss do for our smiles, they are much worse for the planet.

Dentistry isn’t an industry known for its environmental sustainability. In fact, there are a lot of chemicals, single-use plastics, and other waste materials used in dentistry and orthodontics. Most of these products are necessary, but some are used because they are the cheapest options. At Clear Blue Smiles, we are working to create an effort that will help offset the harm that is done to the environment by the dental industry.

Clear Blue Smiles’ pledges to make a positive impact on the environment.

Start small at home to help the environment by using a bamboo toothbrushWe aren’t “environmentally-friendly” to be politically correct; rather, we believe that everyone should do their part to help prevent harm done to the ocean and the waste we create for the environment. So, while our clear aligner treatment still uses plastic, we are ensuring that the impact to the environment is not only net-neutral, but makes a positive difference. We look forward to a future where less plastic bottles are used, bamboo toothbrushes are the norm, and biodegradable dental floss is commonplace.

The founders of Clear Blue Smiles love the beach and the ocean. They believe it’s important to combine their passion for creating healthy smiles with their love of the ocean by making the planet a happier place to live.