‘People & Practice’ Podcast: CBS Edition

People & Practice is an ortho-focused podcast that shines a light on the ever-changing, growing, and evolving industry that is our industry. We were honored to speak with Dr. Leon Klempner and Amy Epstein about how Clear Blue Smiles improves the patient experience while creating an efficient, high-profit revenue stream for dentists and orthodontists. We hope you will check it out!

To listen in, visit People & Practice’s website here or look for Episode 27 on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud!

What’s in the podcast?

Here’s a brief description provided by People & Practice:

In this 30 minute podcast we speak with Kevin Dillard, who is the founder of Clear Blue Smiles, a direct-to-consumer aligner company that has solved a problem many orthodontists and consumers are concerned about: professional orthodontic oversight. Clear Blue Smiles utilizes an orthodontist in every case using Direct Monitoring to remotely monitor treatment. The most important point that Kevin stresses is that orthodontics is a complex biological process, and if treatment is not started and overseen by a professional you don’t know if it’s going to be safe or if it’s going to have a good outcome. In addition to serving as CEO and co-founder of Clear Blue Smiles, Kevin is a thought leader and legal expert in the industry. He served 18 years as an executive at the AAO as legal counsel.

In this episode, we address other important topics like:

  • How Clear Blue Smile is different from other direct to consumer aligner companies
  • Outlining the business relationship between Clear Blue Smiles and the orthodontists who take on their clients
  • The two big problems that Clear Blue Smiles helps to solve for many orthodontic offices
  • Feedback from consumers and orthodontists so far to Clear Blue Smiles’ business model