Meet Kevin Dillard, CEO and Co-Founder

Kevin Dillard, the Clear Blue Smiles CEO and co-founder, is an orthodontic industry thought leader and legal expert. His experience comes from nearly 18 years as an executive at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). He plans to use his expertise to make Clear Blue Smiles the preferred teleorthodontic provider.

Dillard served as General Counsel for the AAO, leading their legal and advocacy efforts overall and shaping the messaging with regard to “do-it-yourself” orthodontics.  He was the spokesperson for the AAO on standard of care issues, and is quoted extensively in Buzzfeed News, the Detroit Free Press, LA Times, Fast Company, CBS News, NBC News, TechCrunch, Reason, and International Public Radio, among others, on the subject.

Kevin also was the founder and co-host of the AAO’s Business of Orthodontics podcast series, which focused on legal risk management and business advice for orthodontists.  He lectured on legal and advocacy issues at industry trade shows, including the AAO’s mid-winter conferences in 2017 and 2018.

Dillard developed a legal risk management seminar, which he presented on behalf of the AAO to dozens of orthodontic residency programs nationwide, including: UNC Chapel Hill, Temple University, UCSF, NYU, University of the Pacific, University of Rochester (New York), SLU, UMKC, and others.

He worked closely with the AAO’s Board of Trustees and House of Delegates, shaping the AAO’s policies and strategies.  He added to his duties as General Counsel in 2017, when he stepped up to help the AAO in a time of transition by becoming co-interim Executive Director of the organization for eight months. He also spent many years organizing federal lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill on behalf of the AAO before moving into the in-house legal role.  There, he led the AAO’s legal efforts, along with its federal and state lobbying activities.

How Dillard’s Experience Contributed to Forming Clear Blue Smiles

Being an orthodontic thought leader and legal expert has provided Kevin with an inside view of the industry over the past two decades. This has given him great perspective on the changing needs of patients and the technological advances shaping diagnostic testing and the manufacturing of appliances.  He has witnessed first-hand the consumer demand shift toward a need for convenience and affordability.  That, combined with his reputation for developing well-reasoned legal and business strategies, led him to create Clear Blue Smiles.

He and Dr. William Crutchfield—one of the nation’s leading orthodontists – have a passion for putting patient care first.  Together, they have developed a system that facilitates excellent patient treatment that uses only expert dentists and orthodontists.  The result of their collaboration is an increase in the standard of care for the clear aligner industry. In a time where the focus, all-too-often, is first on profit Kevin and Dr. Crutchfield are putting the patient first.

Kevin Dillard Has a Passion for Giving Back

Kevin is also passionate about using his talent and time to leave the world a better place. This is why Clear Blue Smiles has a strong focus on corporate environmental and social responsibility. Knowing that demand for clear aligner treatment is only going to grow, the company has pledged to create an easy way for patients to recycle their aligners after treatment. Plastic is great for moving teeth, but not for the environment. Additionally, Clear Blue Smiles will be co-branding beach cleanup efforts and will advocate for more environmental sustainability across the entire dental industry.

Kevin Dillard is an orthodontic industry thought leader and legal expert, but did we mention he’s also a really fun guy to hang out with?