Official Clear Blue Smiles Launch Announcement

Former General Counsel and Top Orthodontist Team Up to Announce New Clear Aligner Delivery Company

Official Clear Blue Smiles Launch Announcement link to PDF: Clear Blue Smiles National Press Release

Today, orthodontic industry experts announced the opening of Clear Blue Smiles, a new company specializing in servicing orthodontists offering clear aligner treatment to their patients. The company is unique in that they promise to deliver expert orthodontic care while committing to positively impacting the environment.

Clear Blue Smiles, which has offices in both St. Louis, MO and Northeastern Virginia, was founded by Kevin Dillard, former general counsel of the American Association of Orthodontists, and Dr. William Crutchfield, II, DDS, one of the nation’s leading orthodontists.

The company will offer services nationwide through the use of remote treatment performed after having received complete diagnostics on each patient. “Technology has advanced to the point where, with the proper diagnostics, we can provide excellent treatment to patients remotely—giving them the best smile at an affordable price,” said Dr. Crutchfield. “With the Clear Blue Smiles model, parents don’t need to take time off work or take their kids out of school. They don’t have to rearrange their schedules or alter their lifestyle to receive quality orthodontic care.”

The company estimates that their patients, comprised of both teenagers and adults, will save over 25 hours and an average of $2,000 on the treatment—all while having the comfort of knowing that the pre-treatment diagnostics are done by experts.

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Dr. William Crutchfield has practiced orthodontics for over 30 years in the technology corridor of the Washington, D.C. suburbs. A graduate of the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University’s dental school and orthodontic residency, he has a keen interest and knowledge of the practice of orthodontics. He opened his own orthodontic practice directly out of residency and has been a leader in the orthodontic community ever since. An early adopter of technology, Dr. Crutchfield is considered an expert in Digital Orthodontic Diagnosis, Digital Orthodontic treatment and Practice Management for the Digital Orthodontic Office.

Kevin Dillard has spent his nearly 18-year career at the American Association of Orthodontists, where he managed the government affairs and legal departments, spending more than a decade as chief in-house counsel. In that role, he created and co-hosted the podcast series The Business of Orthodontics, presented legal risk management seminars to hundreds of orthodontic residents and industry trade shows across the country, and served as the national spokesperson on quality of care issues relating to orthodontic care in general and clear aligner therapy in particular.